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Who was Pachacutec?

Posted on : 12 May 2021

Who was Pachacutec?

Currently, the most famous tourist attractions in Peru are Machupicchu Tour and Sacred Valley Tour. The archaeological sites of Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Saqsayhuaman, Temple of Qoricancha (Temple of the god Inti) are attributed to the genius SAPA INCA Pachacutec.

Pachacútec was the ninth ruler of the Inca state and turned the Inca people into a great empire: The Tahuantinsuyo. The Inca stories tell that the Sapa Inca Huiracocha (Pachacutec’s father) appointed him as his successor around the year 1438, after organizing and leading the defense of Cusco against the invasion of the Chanca army (a fierce people who always wanted to eliminate the Incas). Pachacutec conquered many ethnic groups, and this expanded the Inca domains until turning the Inca people into TAWANTINSUYO.

Pachacutec was loved and admired by his people; the Incas recognized him as the Son of the Sun. While Pachacutec lived, his son, the Inca Túpac Yupanqui defeated the Chimú people and Pachacutec decided that they would become his successor. The Inca Tupac Yupanqui continued with the expansion of the Tawantinsuyo.

Pachacutec was the great conqueror of the Inca empire, who also had virtues as a warrior and emperor (he administered and organized the Inca empire).

Pachacútec is the first SAPA INCA of which historical references have been found that prove the existence of him, for which he is recognized as the “first historical Inca”.

The Works of Pachacutec

Who was Pachacutec?Pachacutec’s works transformed the Inca people into the Tawantinsuyo empire. Pachacutec consolidated his authority over the confederate towns (towns near Cusco) and then launched into the conquest of new regions.

The Inca armies came to establish the domain of present-day Bolivia, reaching Tucuman (Argentina) and along the coast, reaching Tarapaca and Arequipa; All this on the side of the collasuyo and the contisuyo. Through the Chinchaysuyo area they conquered the caxamarcas (Cajamarcas), Huancas (Huancayo), and Huaylas (Ancash), on the side of the coast they conquered the Chimú kingdom.

Pachacutec imposed the Quechua language throughout Tawantinsuyo and the cult of the imperial gods, but he respected the religious beliefs and languages ​​of the conquered peoples. Pachacutec is credited with building the road network (qapac ñan, tampus, fortresses).

Pahacutec created the system of the chasquis (Inca messengers), dictated laws, and reformed the social organization; He turned Cusco into the most beautiful stone city in the world, rebuilt the temple of the Sun that has since been called Qoricancha (temple of the sun) and began the construction of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu. During his government, all the inhabitants of Tawantinsuyo had to worship the sun and know the origin of the Incas (legend of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo).

Actually, you can learn more about the works of Pachacutec through Machupicchu Tour and Sacred Valley Tour.