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Titicaca Lake; A Luxury Experiencie in these Magic Islands

Posted on : 20 August 2021

Titicaca Lake; 5 interesting things to know.

Titicaca Lake

Puno city is located at 3800 meters above sea level, on the shores of the deepest blue and bright Titicaca Lake, this is the highest navigable lake in South America and was a sacred place for the Inca civilization. Visiting this ancient and magical environment it’s a mandatory “to do in Peru”. If you are planning to take your next vacation to Peru, don’t forget to take a tour through Puno islands.

All to know about Titicaca lake


Titicaca Lake is located 3812 meters above sea level in the south east of Peru, sharing frontier with Bolivia territories. It is located some hours from La Paz, capital of the neighboring country.

¿How to get to Puno City, the closest city to titicaca lake?

Titicaca LakeYou can find three ways to get to the Titicaca Lake: you can get there by train, departure from Arequipa or Cusco cities, in a luxury service called Andean Explorer, another option you can take, is by plane most taken from Lima City or some other cities of your choice, towards the capital of the Puno region: Juliaca, from where you must take a car that will take you for 1 hour Puno City where the port of titicaca lake is located. Finally, you can take a bus to Puno, which will cross the mountains until you get to this great destination.

In Peru Private Tours we can arrange all of these services for you so won’t worry about anything on you vacation to Peru. Ask our agents for the many options you have and they can tailor-made your trip to Peru.

¿How to move around Puno?

The Puno’s historic center is relatively small so we recommend you to walk it. In the surroundings of the main square or “Plaza de Armas” you’ll be able to find services such as: restaurants, exchange currency agencies, banks, hotels and all you may need.

¿What to do and what to see in Puno?

You can visit the Plaza de Armas: located in the heart of this historic city, here you can find the cathedral and other important buildings of Puno. On the other hand, on the way to Juliaca you can find two destinations highly required by travelers: Sillustani’s Chulpas and the inter dimensional portal of Amaru Muru. Don’t forget to ask about this amazing and unconventional tours in Puno.

The majestic Puno’s Islands in the titicaca lake

Uros Floating islands

Titicaca LakeThese are artificial islands built on totora, a reed that grows under the waters and that the villagers use to build their houses and the crafts they sell to tourists. Many families offer comfortable lodgings, as well as teaching visitors their daily activities: cutting totora, fishing, sailing in totora boats, cooking, among others. There are many of these islands and from time to time must be replaced by new constructions to give sustainability to this natural environment.

Taquile island

Titicaca LakeIt is located about 35km from the port of Puno and is characterized by its friendly inhabitants, who preserve traditional customs and clothing. They still live with the Inca regulations: “Don’t be a thief”, “Don’t be idle”, “Don’t be a liar”. There is no medical center on the island, no commissioners, no state institution. You can admire the Andean habits and beliefs through their textiles with strong colors and symbolic decorations made by the men of the island. Tourists who want to spend a night on the island of Taquile can stay in the house of some local family. 

Amantaní island

Titicaca LakeIt is divided into ten communities that are especially dedicated to the cultivation of potatoes, corn, geese, quinoa, beans, peas and more; providing experiential tourism in their homes; the most representative craftsmanship consists of textile and stone carving. We recommend walking along the path that leads us to the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama, both have spectacular views of the lake as well as interesting archaeological remains.

Which one would you like to visit?

Visit all three, with Peru Private Tours, you can tailor made your experience to this city by doing one of our many tours to Puno. We have the best options to make your holiday in Peru and Puno an unforgettable experience, where you will spend some time of coexistence in the house of a local family, you will know its culture and customs being participate in the dynamics and activities that still Preserved.

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