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The Thermal baths of Santa Teresa

Posted on : 17 August 2021

Thermal baths of Santa Teresa

Between Machu Picchu and Quillabamba city in La Convencion province there is a place with outstanding beauty called Santa Teresa a small town but of quietness and singular beauty and few minutes from there is the thermal baths of Santa Teresa also known as Cocalmayo, a place beside the shore of the Vilcanota River, there are pools with all the services you would like to have there, a place of singular beauty where you can relax and enjoy the healthy warm baths fed by underground naturally heated water with minerals that is really good for health, and relaxation.

Thermal baths of Santa Teresa

There is a place not far away from the city of Machu Picchu in Cuzco where the people, the nature and the thermal baths make a difference, said spot is close to the Quillabamba city, capital of the province of La Convention but not many know that about 10 to 15 minutes from there is a place that looks like it’s taken from a movie; totally peaceful where the nature and thermal springs form a paradise called Cocalmayo.

There are three pools of different sizes and depth, the water is medicinal and comes from the underground. The hot springs have dozens of visitors every day, the entrance fee is around 6 USD and it’s an excellent place to rest after a long trek. There are showers and a camping area.


Thermal baths of Santa TeresaFrom Cusco you go to the Santiago bus terminal where you can catch a bus to the district of Santa Maria which will take you around 5 hours and from there you take another bus to Santa Teresa  for another 1 hour and from there you take a taxi to the thermal springs (about 10 minutes).

This journey takes about six hours. During the trip you will see a marvelous landscape with different ecological zones and a flora and fauna that is unique to the region. The best time to visit Cocalmayo is from April to October. There are plenty of B&Bs, hotels and restaurants.

Some tourist agencies offer a four-day tour to Machu Picchu that starts in Cusco and when reaching the Malaga Mountain at 4350 m a.s.l. you start biking down the road (or if you want to you can stay in the car) until the district of Santa Maria. The second day you walk until Santa Teresa and camp close to the thermal springs of Cocalmayo, he third day you walk to Aguas Calientes and the fourth day you will visit Machu Picchu. This tour usually includes food, accommodation, guide and the entrance fee to Machupicchu.

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The Thermal Baths of Santa Teresa is between Machu Picchu and the city of Quillabamba in the La Convencion province. Few minutes from the small town of Santa Teresa there is the Hot springs of Santa Teresa also Known as the thermal baths of Cocalmayo, the place its really nice with pools with warm water with lots of minerals good for the health, the beauty surrounding the place is really stunning, to arrive you can use the rail way coming from Machu Picchu unto hydroelectric from there you can take a taxi to Santa Teresa and from there arrive to the pools, or the other way  from Cusco city you can take a bus from the Almudena bus stop going to Hydroelectric there you can arrive in a bus in a trip that last around 7 hours of trip by the route that goes to Quillabamba making a detour in Santa Maria town until the Santa Teresa town, from there is around 5 minutes to Cocalmayo the place is worth to visit and enjoy not just the hot springs but also all the nature beauty and landscapes.

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