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The Temple of the Condor of Machu Picchu

Posted on : 30 March 2021

Temple of the Condor of Machu Picchu

In the Inca city of Machu Picchu there’s the temple of the Condor. For the Incas, the Condor was a sacred symbol. The Temple of the Condor is located in the southeast part of the urban sector of the citadel. This temple has a special architecture since the shape of the condor fits perfectly with the rocks that exist there, and many anthropologists say that this temple was of great religious importance to the Incas.

Temple of the Condor of Machu PicchuThe rock in the shape of a bird and with outstretched wings, the condor points towards the interior of a cavern. Offerings, ceramics, and skeletal remains of camelids were found in this cave, confirming the quality of the temple’s “ceremonial center”. On the back of the condor, there is a semi-circular environment, where there are 3 niches. In the middle of each one, there is a smaller one. On the sides, you can see holes that served to hold the mummies, which were placed in these large “niches”. Behind the back of the condor, 9 trapezoidal niches surround him, on a wall that adjoins one of the terraces of the square, possibly where the sacred mummies were located facing the square.

In the temple there is also a two-story room facing the condor. You go down to the first level by a staircase that connects to other rooms. Book the Machu Picchu private tour and get to know the Inca’s land with Peru Private Tour.