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The sacred Square of Machupicchu

Posted on : 13 May 2021

The sacred Square of Machupicchu

The Inca city of Machupicchu is an enigma for all travelers who visit it for the first time. The area that makes the greatest impression on them is the Plaza Sagrada, this square is a polished stone terrace. The main temple, the temple of the three windows, and the room of the high priest are located in this square.

The sacred Square of MachupicchuOn the south side of the square, there is an enclosure made of small stones roughly finished with two doors and without windows, and although it was an important residence, everything indicates that this enclosure was built for them in a short time, perhaps a few weeks. Possibly they built this enclosure after the rebellion of Manco Inca in Cusco. The period in which this sanctuary had to be enlarged, to receive the entourage of nobles who accompanied the Inca and who fled from Pizarro (it is believed that the Incas quietly inhabited Machupicchu while the Spanish colonized Peru).

The sacred Square of MachupicchuAt the eastern end of the square, is the Temple of the three windows, with walls like those of the main temple, it has three walls and does not have a door, this temple is open to the sacred square, and has a single monolithic pillar, intended for supporting the roof of the structure.

The Sacred Square will dazzle you as soon as you can see it, the energy that is felt in this square is extraordinary. If you want to do Machu Picchu private tour, we can help you organize your entire trip.

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