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The mysteries of Machupicchu (The obelisk)

Posted on : 15 May 2021

The obelisk of Machupicchu

The mysteries of Machupicchu: The obelisk

In the main square of Machupicchu, there was a standing stone known as Wanka.

The Incas used to place stones in the main citie s, these stones are known as Wankas (Quechua) which means a standing stone that shows the site of the center of the world, for science these stones are called obelisks.

the mysteries of MachupicchuIn 1978, the Wanka of Machupicchu was removed so that the kings of Spain (Juan Carlos I and the queen Sofia) could land by helicopter over Machu Picchu, the only place that was so big and flat to receive the helicopter was the square where it was the Wanka. So the government of Peru in 1978, ordered to remove the huge stone from the place, once the visit was over, they put the stone back in its place.

In 1989, a second removal ordered by the president of Peru Alan Garcia, and in that year the Wanka stone disappeared.

It is believed that this Wanka regulated energy in Machupicchu, this theory is based on the concept of Hartmann’s networks or geopathic lines.

the mysteries of MachupicchuIt is said that if a person is in the union of these lines, he can get sick and die. As has been seen, the only animal that seeks to sit in this union of lines is the Puma.

It is believed that the Incas knew the magnetic field since pre-Inca cultures various stone monoliths have been found, in which figures of snakes and pumas are found.

In the Andean cosmovision, the Puma represents the KAY PACHA (the present world) and the serpent represents the UKHU PAHA (the world below, the world of the dead).

Machu Picchu has survived in perfect condition until 1989. From that year on, the deterioration of the Inca city has been observed and it is probably caused by the absence of the Wanka.

This is one of the mysteries of Machupicchu.

You can discover the complete history of the Plaza and the wanka on the Machu Picchu tour.