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The Mysteries of Machu Picchu (The house of mirrors)

Posted on : 16 May 2021

Mysteries of Machupicchu

Part 1: The Mysteries of Machu Picchu – House of mirrors.

Currently, Machu Picchu remains a mystery to the world. Many are the Inca precincts of Machu Picchu that amaze everyone who knows it. The water in the Inca empire was the vital liquid that gave life to the Pachamama, so the Incas worshiped and worshiped the water.

Mysteries of MachupicchuIn Machu Picchu, there is a place where water has a different purpose than any other, and this place is known as the house of water mirrors.

On the floor of this house, you can see two circular ponds carved in granite that is almost always filled with water.

The interpretations about its function are diverse and the use that the Incas gave it has not been determined with certainty.

Some scientists indicate that they could be used as an astronomical observatory to appreciate the solar cycle.

Other scientists say that these ponds are simple mortars used to grind corn grains, some historians say that these ponds were containers in which dyes were deposited to color fabrics.

The house of mirrors is a mystery and it cannot be affirmed or denied whether this house was a sacred place or a textile/food workplace.

The Mysteries of Machu PicchuThere is a legend that tells: that the Sapa Inca Pachacutec received a visit from a being that was full of light, who told him that he was the god INTI and that he gave him a sheet of water in which he could see all the towns that Pachacutec would conquer in the future.

According to the Andean cosmovision, this being of light was the god Inti who came to give Pachacutec a tool.

Pachautec told the high priest of Cusco that the resplendent figure was: a figure from whose head 3 rays shone like rays of the sun, from his arms coiled snakes came out, on his head and ears he had Inca jewels.

From his legs and from his back, the head of a feline and a snake came down his back.

The figure that Pachacutec saw caused him fear. But the figure called him saying: come here son, I am the god Inti, your father, I know that you will subdue many nations, always keep me in mind and make sacrifices for me.

When he rescued the glass table, he looked at it and had a vision that revealed all his conquests. Pachacutec kept the table transparent and he always consult it like an oracle.

Perhaps the circular ponds in Machu Picchu have served for Pachacutec to place the oracle that the god Inti gave him and consult it as an oracle.

As you see this place is mysterious.

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