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The Chincana of Saqsayhuaman

Posted on : 18 May 2021

Chincana of Saqsayhuaman

Sacsayhuaman is the Inca fortress that causes great admiration among all who visit it. The size of the giant stones that compose it and the forms of its architecture causes many doubts. Saqsayhuaman is located 3555 meters above sea level.

Saqsayhuaman is one of the most mysterious places in Latin America

When Pizarro and his army arrived in Cusco in 1533, they were amazed to see the megalithic walls of enormous weight.

The Spanish wondered how they built this enormous fortress without using iron or any European tool. At present we still wonder what was the motive of the Incas to build Saqsayhuaman

Any anthropologist, historian, or scientist has been able to present sufficient evidence to say what the function of Saqsayhuaman was and how it was built.

Chincana of SaqsayhuamanThe southern area of ​​Saqsayhuaman are remains of the walls that were probably three great towers: Muyucmarca, Sallacmarca, and Paucarmarca. The circular base and the last two are rectangular. The Muyucmarca tower was 12 meters high and it had a base with a diameter of 22 meters. In the Royal Commentaries, the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega describes Muyucmarca as an enormous tower that served as a water reservoir and that was connected to the other two reservoirs by underground tunnels.

In the battle of Sacsayhuamán (1536) the Inca Cahuide preferred to die rather than fall into the hands of the Spaniards, that is how the Inca Cahuide launched himself into the void from Muyucmarca.

According to the chroniclers and historians, Sacsayhuamán was originally much larger, the chronicles tell us that the Spanish sent to extract the stones of Saqsayhuaman to build the temples, houses, squares, and mansions of colonial Cusco. From what it follows that Saqsayhuaman was much larger and of great height.

Many historians believe that Saqsayhuaman dates back to ancient times to the Incas, probably from pre-Inca cultures such as the Killkas. In the Saqsayhuaman area, there have always been rocky outcrops like caves formed by river erosion.

One of the great mysteries of Saqsayhuaman is the chincanas (tunnels made in rock). The chincanas of Saqsayhuaman generate mystery all over the world, around these legends, myths, and geological theories about the Incas have been created. The chincanas of Saqsayhuaman are two: Chincana Grande and Chincana chica.

The “chincana chica” is short and small. In this chincana, you can visit and even take pictures. On the other hand, the «big chincana» is located about 200 meters from the previous one and is not accessible to anyone. It is believed that the big chincana connects Saqsayhuaman with the temple of the god Inti (Qorikancha).

The mysteries of Saqsayhuaman are many, which makes this Inca fortress a place that you must visit at least once in your life.

You can get to know Saqsayhuaman doing the Cusco city tour. If you want to know with more time and more information about Saqsayhuaman you can write to us and we will organize Cusco city tour for you.