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The Central Market of San Pedro – Cusco

Posted on : 19 May 2021

The Central Market of San Pedro

The Central Market of San Pedro

The city center of Cusco offers various tours in Cusco and many interesting places.

The Central Market of San Pedro was inaugurated in 1950 and is owned by the provincial municipality of Cusco. This market has a surface: 7000 m² and has more than 1180 stores.

The San Pedro Market is the main and oldest market of the Cusco city. It is located next to Plazoleta San Pedro.

The Central Market of San PedroIn 1910, the transfer of the central market of san pedro was arranged, which was located in the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza San Francisco. All the inhabitants of the city came to buy food and various articles. Therefore, it was decided to move the two markets to a place that was larger and offered better health conditions for its operation.

The construction of the central market of san pedro was in 2 parts: The first began in 1925 and was inaugurated on June 7, 1925, and the second part would be completed in 1957. The oldest part of the market structure was made by the French architect Gustave Eiffel (Architect of the Eiffel Tower in Paris). In 1955 an expansion of the market was built.

The central market of san pedro and the surrounding streets became the center of commerce in Cusco, however, with the arrival of tourists to the city, it has also become an artisan center.

It currently has 1,180 stalls. The central market of san pedro is organized by areas that differ from each other, due to the merchandise that it offers, and that includes bread products, meats, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, clothing, tourist souvenirs, oriental supplies, and even Andean chamanería products.

Some food tours include a visit to the San Pedro market.

IF you want to do a culinary Cusco tour, just write to us and we will organize everything so you can enjoy and get to know this traditional market.