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Temple of the dead and Mother Earth in Machu Picchu

Posted on : 16 August 2021

The temple of the dead is located at the base of the Sun Temple, where are niches in trapezoid shape where mummies were placed, considered as the temple of the dead because of the Mummies placed in the windows, the conservation of the bodies was important because they considered the dead went unto another world but with their bodies they can come Back as protective spirits.

Temple of the dead and Mother Earth

Temple of the dead: Sun TempleThe inner level of the semicircular drum is located in the earth temple, the place of the dead or the tomb of the Inka. It’s a natural cave, cold and in gloom, it’s roof serves as the base of the Sun temple and in its interior we find carved stones in form of steps that functioned as an altar where they put their offerings, the wall is incrusted with fine Incan stonework forming trapezoid niches that are high enough to fit a human mummy.

This temple was also used for the cult of the dead, in the Incan era it was really important to keep the bodies of the dead as they believed that the spirit would come back to this world. The royals were embalmed and mummified and then placed in a fetal position with their personal belongings and blankets. During the festivities the mummies were brought out as they were considered to be protective spirits of the empire. The fact that there are corbels or big stone nails in a cylinder form inside the building, shows the possibility to hang offerings or heavy objects to decorate the room.

Moon Gate Machu PicchuBecause of its architectural morphology this temple dedicated to the earth is related with the cave of the Moon Gate where a natural cornice is used as it gives twilight and cold.

The proportions and quality of the trapezoid niches are similar and for that reason the first is the base of the Sun temple and the other one is under the temple of the stars in the mountain of Huaynapicchu.

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The Temple of the dead, on the base of the Sun Temple in the interior are placed carved stones functioning as altars, the walls have trapezoid niches with enough size to fit a human mummy, it’s supposed that this temple was used to worship the dead, in the festivities they took out the mummies that were considered as protective spirits, their bodies were used as they could be present to come back.

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