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Supporting Woman – Sacred Valley 2019

supporting andean woman cusco

Supporting women

Supporting women is one of our main goals. They have the same capabilities, but not access to the same opportunities. That is why we offer them the spaces and the tools so that they can be part of the business, be enterprising. Because they can.

Especially in our villages and poorer areas, women are expected to be calm and obedient. They are less educated, they are expected to marry young and raise their children. Some are single mothers, others have always wanted a career sharing their mountains of the Andes with visitors from around the world.

We firmly believe in being an equal employer for all people. Women have not had the opportunity to have key roles in tourism companies and we are working hard to change this. We are creating an environment that allows women to work successfully in the tourism industry.

Sample of this commitment that we assume is the organization of the event: FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOP – SACRED VALLEY – CUSCO 2019.

Together with QAYTU SCHOOL WORKSHOP we have organized this important event for all women who want to enter to the world of entrepreneurship and start their own business. We believe that women in our country are as important as men, that is why we will continue doing this type of event that facilitates their advancement and their empowerment to boost any business.

Distinguished international speakers trained the artisans in the QAYTU SCHOOL WORKSHOP so they can enter the world of entrepreneurship and be part of the development of Peru.


Katherine Kuschel

Katherina Kuschel, Ph.D. (CHILE)


  • PhD in Social Psychology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  • Commercial Engineer. University of Development, Chile.
  • Researcher at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, Chile, on issues of female entrepreneurship in technology, work-family balance and well-being, entrepreneurial failure, entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation.
  • Professor and researcher with experience in the International MBA Week. ESAN University, Peru.
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada and Universität Siegen, Germany.
  • Mentor and speaker nationally and internationally.


Rocio Ruiz Martinez

Rocío Ruiz-Martínez (Spain)


  • She is a PhD candidate in Humanistic Studies at the Rovira i Virgili University, (Spain) and her thesis focuses on the transition of women from entrepreneurship by necessity, to that motivated by the market opportunity.
  • She holds a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies, Women and Citizenship (University of Barcelona), Business Law (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Management Management (Polytechnic University of Catalonia).
  • After her experience in the STARTUP CHILE program and the management of the NGO Emprendedoras de Chile, she works as a consultant in a foundation of the Chilean government.

Olga Cirilo

Olga Cirilo. (PERU)


  • Doctorate of business administration, interested in investigating the real benefits and the impact of microfinance on female entrepreneurship.
  • MBA from ESAN University, obstetrician by profession,
  • Health marketing specialist from ESAN University.
  • Entrepreneur with experience in the internationalization of their enterprise,
  • General Manager of VMJ Marketing,
  • Marketing teacher in health and entrepreneurship.

We continue working for a better world and with the inclusion of women in the highest levels of our country.


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