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Sun Temple of Machu Picchu

Posted on : 30 March 2021

Sun Temple of Machu Picchu

In the Inca city of Machu Picchu, several religious temples give us a clear idea of ​​the beliefs and traditions of the Incas. At present, the Inca beliefs about religion and astronomy are united in the well-known “Andean cosmovision” that every day has more followers throughout the world. For the Incas, the Sun was the main god of all the 3 worlds (Hanan Pacha, Kay Pacha, uhku Pacha). The Temple of the God Sun is located in the urban sector of Machupicchu, and can be visited through a huge gate built with double beams.

Many anthropologists believe that the location of Macchu Picchu was chosen at the highest possible altitude, and thus, be able to get a closer look at the sky.

Sun Temple of Machu Picchu 3The Incas wanted an ideal position with the sky since this would allow them to advance in their astronomical studies and religious rituals. The location of the most important temple is known as ‘Torreón’, and it coincides exactly with the position with the highest altitude of the Inca city. The architecture of the semicircular tower is astonishing. The flat area contains the Serpent’s Gate, while the circular wall shows two trapezoidal-shaped windows. The entrance door contained gold ornaments (for the Incas, gold was the blood of the sun god). Today, the proof of the existence of ornamentation can be seen in spaces that have been left empty in all the doors and windows of the archaeological complex.

Sun Temple of Machu Picchu 4The looting in Machupicchu was constant and it is not known exactly how many or when they were carried out. Under the tower, there is the entrance to a small cave. In this subterranean chamber is where a delicate masonry work can be appreciated, since all the walls of the chamber are covered with carved stone and it is believed that these walls were covered by sheets of gold. the theory maintained is that the cave was designed as a crypt to house the mummified corpses of members of the Inca nobility. In the western part near the temple, there is a rectangular courtyard with nine cavities. Through one of the chambers of the temple of the sun, you can access another building which was intended as a room for the service (since it has a sewage system), there is also a room designed as a shed for the native cattle of the area and, in what appears to be an adjacent living room, you can access a private balcony facing the eastern part of the city.

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