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Rainy Season in Cusco

Posted on : 12 August 2021


Rainy Season in Cusco

Rainy Season in Cusco

The intense rains usually happen in the evening and at noon, but if you do not mind getting a little bit wet, Cusco city and especially your Machu Picchu tour will dress up with its best landscape. The city gets decorated with rainbows, sometimes 2 or 3 at once. Not so far, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu wears its most intense green and colors blossom with flowers, which makes it look like an astonishing portrait, this region holds an extraordinary and beautiful architecture, if you take this season as an option, we highly recommend you to take the train services to Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu town, that way you will enjoy the panoramic view of this wonderful area. On your way up to the sanctuary, you will recognize a great variety of flora and fauna like Orchids and many bugs species like dragonflies, butterflies, caterpillars, fireflies, and a variety of birds. However, mosquitoes could be bad companions during your tour to Machupicchu.

Although it’s the rainy season it’s also summer, temperatures are not the coldest of the year, you can enjoy a sunny day most of the time during the morning, and expect some sparkly rain during the afternoon. Days are relatively tempered and precipitation ranges go from 500mm to 1000mm per year.

One of the greatest benefits visiting Cusco at this time of the year is that you’ll find it much less crowded, so it is possible to find larger availability in hotels, train schedules, transportation, and more. In addition, it will be the perfect opportunity to take the best photography with an incredible landscape and no people getting in your picture. At this time is not advisable to take treks to Machu Picchu, because they become a bit more challenging and trickier to walk.

Finally, if you seem like the person that will enjoy rainy-cold-sunny days, please don’t forget to pack waterproof clothes, trekking shoes to walk safely on wet and slippery surfaces, and maybe an umbrella. Also, do not leave your sun protection (cap or hat, sunscreen, sunglasses) and of course always good warm clothing.