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Rainbow Mountain Hike in the Afternoon

Posted on : 08 June 2019


There are many reasons why you should do rainbow mountain hike in the afternoon, in this article you will learn about the most frequent questions about this famous attraction.

montania de colores 3


What is Rainbow Mountain Hike?

Rainbow mountain it’s a hill that as a result of its mineral properties we can appreciate different tonalities like; the yellow, dark red, turquoise, beich, etc. Its original name of the mountain is Winincunca.

How old is the Rainbow Mountain?

5 years ago, rainbow mountain was a place known only by locals, the access was quite complicated since the road was not as close as nowadays, which is why no tourist would endure the long journey that remained.

When the first road was finally opened in 2014 through Pitumarca, the local goverment promoted the area and very  among travelers. In 2017 the second route through Cusipata was opened and it is the only one used by visitors nowadays.

Which is the best route to do Rainbow Mountain Hike?

Pitumarca Vs Cusipata

afternoon rainbow mountain hike afternoon rainbow mountain hike


This route was the first one that was used to hike to rainbow mountain, Our journey from Cusco to the beginning of the trek along this route is 3 and a half hours, plus a 2 hour walk to reach the top (view point). Nowadays almost nobody uses this route for the long time that it demands to realize it.


This is the second route that was opened to do the rainbow mountain hike, certainly, the trip from Cusco to the start of the hike lasts 02 hours and a half plus a 1 hour and 30 minutes’ walk to the viewpoint. Nowadays this is the most used route by all visitors for the short time of travel and hiking.

When is the best time to do the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

This is one of the most common questions that all visitors do when booking the rainbow mountain hike. Due to its location (in the Andes) there are 2 seasons for visit.

afternoon rainbow mountain hike

Rainy season.

From November to April; We do not recomend to do Rainbow Mountain hike in this season due to the rainy days.  However, there is also the probability of finding ourselves with very sunny days therefore it depends a lot on luck.

afternoon rainbow mountain hike

 Sunny season.

Sunny season starts in the month of April and ends in mid-November, you will have sunny days and it is the most recommended season to do the rainbow mountain hike.

Is it difficult to do the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

Everything depends on the physical state, but much more than that depends on the acclimatization time you had before starting the hike. The road itself is not very difficult, there is no physical fatigue. The most difficult thing is breathing; The lack of oxygen at that height will be your biggest problem, so we recommend to make this trip between the last days of your stay in Cusco, unless you come from Puno or another place in height.


afternoon rainbow mountain hike

How long should I acclimate to do the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

This, will depend on the place where you come from, when more at sea level you live, probably more time of acclimatization you will require, it is advisable to acclimate from 02 to 03 days, if it is more time will be much better for your body.

For whom it is not advisable to do the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

There are limitations to carry out this hike due to the height reached:

we do not recomend for pregnant people, people with heart problems, people with high obesity, people with breathing problems, elderly people with walking difficulties.

Please take your own health precautions.


Is there any other way to get to the mountain?

You can rent horse to ride and a local resident will go with you, costumers will pay directly and the prices vary from 80 soles to 30 depending on the distance. But keep in mind that horses do not reach the top of the mountain, even if you rent a horse you will still have to walk at least half an hour until you reach the viewpoint.

What is the best time to do Rainbow Mountain Hike?

Many companies have chosen to leave Cusco at 03 am to try to be the first ones at the top, although this will be a bit difficult and a bit annoying for the same visitors.

The best time to be at the top of the viewpoint is in the afternoon, due to the fact that all companies leave in the morning and go down to the village for lunch. By 2 pm there is simply no one else on top of the mountain. With this option it is actually possible to fly a drone, `couse no one is there.


afternoon rainbow mountain hike

5 reasons to do an afternoon Rainbow Mountain Hike


  1. You leave Cusco at 9 a.m. instead of 3 a.m.
  2. We will be the first to arrive at the restaurant for lunch 1 hour before the hike.
  3. We will be the only ones in the viewpoint, a true connection with nature.
  4. You will not have to make long lines to take your photo
  5. The position of the sun is favorable for photographs