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Qenqo – What will you visit in the Cusco City Tour?

Posted on : 16 March 2021

Fourth: Qenqo


The archaeological complex of Qenqo is located in Cusco’s north-east, and it’s divided in two large areas: Qenqo Grande and Qenqo Chico. This is an Inca’s building that was dedicated to astronomy. They sculpted all the rocks, steps, gutters, and holes. Qenqo has been studied by various archaeologists, architects, and historians, and they have divided their areas into The Amphitheater, underground chamber, mortuary room and Intihuatana.

Qenqo 4The Amphitheater, where religious ceremonies were held and with an expectant public. The amphitheater has a circular shape with niches and this has a passage that leads to an underground room where there is a complex of platforms and water channels. In the Underground Chamber of Qenqo, there are niches, tables or altars, walls, floors, and ceilings carved in the rocks. The Mortuary Room or the Sacrifice Room was carved from a giant rock, and it’s believed that animal sacrifices were made here.

Qenqo 3Its existence creates many doubts for historians and archaeologists. The Intihuatana can be seen with the naked eye since it is on the top of a large rock. Qenqo receives daily visits due to its impressive beauty, and the entrance ticket to this archaeological site is included in the Cusco city tour. In this place, you’ll be able to appreciate a gigantic map of the location of Qenqo.