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Puka Pukara – What will you visit in the Cusco City Tour?

Posted on : 17 March 2021

5th: Puka Pukara

Puka Pukara

Puka Pukara is a Quechua word that means red. This name derives from the fact that at sunset each day, the sun gives the stones of the Inca fortress a reddish color. It is believed that this was the Inca fortress for defense against possible enemy attacks or that this was a fortress to warn who was approaching Cusco.

Puka PukaraThis fortress is made of large walls, terraces (platforms), water channels, enclosures, rooms, and a central plaza. You can visit the Puka Pukara fortress every day since it is always open to visits during the day. The entrance ticket for the Puka Pukara fortress is included in combination with the ‘4 Inca’s ruins’ of Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, and Tambomachay. To visit Puka Pukara you will need a tour guide to go with you, and you can get there by bus.