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Tree Planting At Inca Cancha Community

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For us it´s very important to not leave carbon footprints, that is why we have implemented this reforestation method where for each tour or service that Peru Private Tours offers and sells a certain number of trees are planted in the Inca community, that way in February 2018 we have visited this community carrying trees and we have delivered them.

It is our commitment to continue working to help our indigenous communities that despite being within the territory of Cusco do not receive any benefit from tourism since they are outside the tourist sites.

We are pioneers in implementing this method of reforestation and we hope that other companies will follow us because we are not only trying to offer excellent services, we must also be responsible with the environment where we provide our services. In mid-March of each year, we made a report of this social activity and sent all our clients a report of the activity carried out with photographs and videos. Each of ours who clients who buys a service helps us make this dream possible.

PPT commitment is to continue supporting them thanks to the support of our clients who trust us and identify with our indigenous communities and our social responsibility.

You can be part of this important commitment of Peru Private Tours Acquiring our services or sending donations of clothes, books or money for the purchase of trees, if you want to contribute with this great cause please send us an email to info@pptoursperu.com

Thanks for being part of us !!!

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