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Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop

Half Day

  • Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop
  • Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop
  • Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop
  • Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop

“Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Andean textile artistry with our Traditional Andean Textile Crafting workshop. Delve into the time-honored techniques of plant-based dyeing and backstrap loom weaving under the guidance of expert artisans. Gain insights into the rich history of Andean textiles and their cultural significance. Indulge in a family-style lunch and embrace the community spirit. Depart with cherished memories, a handcrafted keepsake, and a UNESCO-recognized certificate, having journeyed through the heart of Peru’s vibrant textile heritage.”

Price: USD 69 Per Person



    By reserving this experience, you're contributing to the planting of 2 trees within a local indigenous community in Cusco.


    “Immersive Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop: Unveil the Artistry of Andean Textiles”

    Upon your arrival at our workshop, our artisans for the day will extend a warm welcome, akin to how our ancestors greeted noble figures in their communities. Our local textile expert guide will provide you with comprehensive information about our project, history, the art of textiles, and more. Moreover, you will engage in a brief theoretical session on backstrap loom weaving and its significance in the Andean heritage.

    Following the theoretical segment, we will move on to a demonstration of plant-based dyeing and backstrap loom weaving. Equipped with all necessary materials, you will be guided through each step by a dedicated assistant, ensuring a hands-on learning experience. Once the dyeing is complete, your creation will undergo the drying and rolling process, allowing you to take home a cherished memory of your workshop. Additionally, we kindly request you to bring some wite cotton t-shirt so you can dye it and bring home as memory.

    Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop


    Our Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop includes:

    • Hotel Pickup and Transfer to Workshop: We provide private vehicle pickup from all hotels in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.
    • Workshop Reception: Upon your workshop arrival, a warm welcome and reception ceremony await you.
    • Materials for Workshop: All necessary tools and materials for the workshop will be provided to you.
    • Personal Instructor: An assigned artisan instructor will guide you throughout the workshop. Our artisans are recognized for their expertise nationally and internationally.
    • Local Guide: A workshop member will offer theoretical insights into the workshop process, accompanying you throughout the day.
    • Return Transfer: After the workshop, we will transport you back to your hotel in the Sacred Valley or Cusco.
    • Souvenir Keepsake: At the end of the workshop, take home the plant-dyed wool you’ve crafted.

    Our Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop does not include:

    • Unspecified Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are not included in the workshop since this is a half day experience.
    • Other Unspecified Expenses: Additional costs that are not specified may arise, and additional activities may incur additional charges.


    We guarantee 100% satisfaction and prioritize your safety during our tours.

    Group Tour

    $69 USD per person

    A group tour means your booking is open for other participants to join your excursion. However, Our groups for this experience will never exceed 6 people.

    Private Tour

    Our specialty lies in private tours, providing you with top-tier service. Pricing depends on your group size. A minimum of 2 people is required to book a private tour, unless you prefer exclusive solitude. Feel free to contact us at info@pptoursperu.com.

    2 persons – $89 USD per person

    3 persons – $80 USD per person

    4 persons – $75 USD per person

    5 persons – $69 USD per person


    Altitude Sickness

    As soon as individuals plan their trip to Peru, specifically Cusco, concerns about altitude sickness arise. The air at high altitudes contains less oxygen than at sea level, compelling your body to work harder to procure the oxygen it needs. Over several days at high altitude, your body adjusts to the reduced oxygen levels in the air.

    Initial symptoms of altitude sickness may include a headache, fatigue, followed by loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and labored breathing during exercise. Should any of these symptoms worsen, please contact our office, and we will assist you in seeking medical attention.

    Community Engagement

    At Peru Private Tours (PPT), we take immense pride in our community initiatives. This is the core objective of our company. We work directly with villages to help meet the needs of their families. We support village children by providing them with school supplies, books, and clothing.

    We regularly organize clean-up activities along the paths we traverse, ensuring we leave attractions better than we found them.

    “Immersive Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop: Unveil the Artistry of Andean Textiles”
    “Immersive Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop: Unveil the Artistry of Andean Textiles”

    This is a tour that requires a special permit issued by the Peruvian government through the Ministry of Culture, so we recommend making the reservation in advance, once you make your reservation will be confirmed as long as there is availability of space for the date that you select, please make sure to check the availability of spaces for Inca trail 4 days

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