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Peruvian Dishes you Must Try

Posted on : 12 August 2021

Definitely one of the main reasons for visiting Peru is the food, this country is a winner of the award for best culinary destination in America and the world for several consecutive years. So, travel to Peru and not taste the food is just foolish.

Peruvian Dishes you Must Try

The reason for Peruvian success in international cuisine arises from the wide variety of ingredients and flavors that our chefs blend for your paladar to be satisfied. Definitely, gastronomic tours in Peru are personalized adventures that will please the different tastes of each traveler, here some recommendations of our favorite dishes.

Peruvian Dishes you Must Try


Ceviche is unquestionably the lead specialty of Peruvian cuisine, this dish exists in many countries, but in Peru, it has a very characteristic preparation. Peruvian ceviche dates back more than 2000 years when coastal cultures such as Moche used to marinate fish with juice of acidic fruits and herbs. The traditional base of a good Peruvian ceviche is fresh fish, which is marinated with onion and lemon juice. Be sure to try this delicious dish on your next visit to Peru, we recommend looking for it in one of the restaurants in Lima or in the coastal cities of Peru.


Like most Peruvian dishes, Lomo Saltado is a fusion, in this case, Peruvian ingredients and oriental techniques, which are the result of the mestizaje give rise to this traditional Peruvian dish. According to historians, in 1849 the first Chinese immigrants arrived in our country bringing with them their seasoning, ingredients, and appliances. The most important of them, the wok, was able to turn our frying into flambéed. Meat, onion, tomato, and soy sauce finely flamed to wok are the basic ingredients of Salted Loin, accompanied by French fries and white rice.


Unlike the previous dishes, Pachamanca is an ancestral plate of the Peruvian Andes. Its meaning is Pot of Earth (Pacha-earth / Manca-Olla), this denoting the main peculiarity of its preparation: it is cooked under the ground. Its history goes back to pre-Inca cultures, where it was prepared for occasions of worship or festivities. However, this dish evolved over time and its consumption is present in almost all Peruvian territory. The first thing will be to dig a hole in the ground where stones previously heated will be placed. Then various types of meats will be placed on them and seasoned with ingredients such as Huacatay, chili pepper, cumin, pepper, and other spices. In addition, potatoes, cassava, sweet potato, corn, cheese, or beans will be placed. Finally, a layer of hot stones will be put on and covered with banana leaves, which will be covered with soil. Without a doubt, the wait will be worth it.


Juane is the most representative dish of the Peruvian jungle, this dish is the modern version of an old habit: Amazonian settlers carry their food wrapped in leaves when they enter the jungle.

The original version of the dish would have been simpler in its beginnings, but like most typical dishes of Peru, this is a fusion of ingredients and product of migrations. To make this dish you use rice, chicken, olives, eggs, and seasonings conveniently seasoned, then everything is wrapped in banana leaves.


The stuffed causa or causa Limeña is a dish full of history and heroism. Its preparation is simple, it is potato cooked and mashed, seasoned with chili and lemon juice. You can find it stuffed with a variety of combinations as vegetables, chicken, tuna fish, avocado, and more. While this way of eating potatoes is very popular throughout Peru, an anecdotal episode occurs during times of the early Peruvian Republic. The women from Lima used this dish, simple to prepare and accessible, to feed the liberating troops, using the phrase: for the Patriot Cause, hence the name of this dish.