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It is our commitment to continue contributing to the most vulnerable populations in Peru, this time we decided to visit the community of Jesús María. A town that has no more than 100 inhabitants among the elderly, children and adults, one of many towns so far from the urban area that still live in the same conditions as 50 years ago, a population so far away where 1 teacher teaches all students of different ages and grade separating the board to give differentiated education, a town where it seems that time stopped in the 50s Maybe nowadays with the only improvement that they have a road that passes through the town, but that nevertheless this can be closed even for months with a landslide as we went into this experience. Here begins our journey.


After 6 hours driving from Cusco, finally we arrived at the small community of Jesús María, where its president Mr. Jose Quispe was waiting for us with open arms, immediately he invited us to his house where he gave us a pot to prepare the chocolate that we had brought to share with the children and the population, while the water was boiling in a kitchen made by themselves Jose tells us that never before, no company had come to their town bringing support to the community and therefore all were Surprised of our arrival. Due to lack of pots we had to find another villager to boil more water since 1 would not be enough for everyone, so we met Mrs. Josefa Quispe, 82, Very friendly she gave us her rustic kitchen made by herself and 1 additional pot to boil more water for the chocolatada (hot Christmas drink made with cacao and milk).


While we were sharing the chocolatada, it was impossible not to feel happy seeing the happiness of each of the children and inhabitants of Jesus Maria, but we had not yet given everything so we began to distribute toys for the children, some wanted cars and others, balloons, but no one would be without one.


Then there would be clothes (in very good condition and new ones that were donated by many of our clients throughout the year and by people with good hearts like Mr. Jorge Rojas, Bernardino Escribano, Rosa María, etc.). To do this, we asked them to show us their skills singing, riddles, stories, poetry, etc. The children enthusiastically sang in Quechua (the native language of the Incas) told us stories of their community, etc. There were also clothes for dads and moms so they also joined the party and told us about their experience.


At the end, we left the town with the satisfaction of having brought a little bit of happiness to theirs hearts, letting them know that there are people around the world who care about them and they are not alone.


But this does not end there, 45 minutes from this small community is another named San Jose de Sahuay, another small town so far away where there are only 60 inhabitants in total. There, we shared Chocolate, Toys and clothes that we had previously separated for them.


None of this would be possible without the permanent support of our clients who trust their excursions and experiences in Peru in our team. Thank you very much for this and with a heart full of happiness we want to let you know that this is not over yet, we are going for more! We are together!