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Christmas with children’s of Inca Cancha

Some Inca Cancha Children

Inca Cancha is a small community located in the district of Challabamba, Paucartambo Province in Cusco, it is located at 4100 m.s.n.m. and located 5 hours away from the city of Cusco by an affirmed road and it is considered as an extreme poor village.

The families at this place live thanks to the agriculture of tubercles and raising of animals such as sheep, llamas and alpacas, They are also experts in the elaboration of traditional textiles dyed with plants and 100% handmade . They have a school built by the residents and has 1 teacher for the whole town. Some children who wish to continue studying after the 3rd grade of elementary school, must walk 5 hours a day to attend a larger school in another town.

Due to the remoteness and difficult times of this place, the support they receive from the Peruvian government is almost nil and it is very difficult for them to request some support due to the number of inhabitants and the lack of goverment assistance can be noticed.

In Peru Private Tours we are committed to this small town forgotten by our authorities and we have started important social projects for reforestation, improvements in the school and channel support for this beautiful Andean town, so in December of 2017 we went to share a hot chocolate with the children of Inca Cancha, we took gifts, school clothes and books for children.

this is just the begining, we would like to keep working with this village since some of our porters come from this vellage and we feel that is our mission to give them back.

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