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Peru Luxury Travel Lima City of Kings

Posted on : 10 August 2021

Lima City of Kings

Lima City of Kings

Lima is a city full of culture and many archeological sites! For a big period of time Lima was an important province of the Inca empire, that is the reason behind the many remains of the pre-Hispanic city that can be found below. On you vacations in Perú, you will never be left out of activities, there is always something to do like the amazing Peruvian cuisine, the cultural activities and architecture filled with urban art. Taking a tour in Lima will make you visit Huaca Pucllana, Huaca Huallamarca or Pachacamac citadel, this archeological sites in Lima will help you learn a little more about the extent of the Peruvian culture.  We highly recommend a tailor-made tour in Lima, is an excellent option to personalize your visit and manage your own time schedule.

As soon you visit a museum in Lima, you will discover the enriching experience that you should not miss! We recommend you to visit the art expositions at the different districts, like: Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro or the Historic Centre of Lima, The Golden Museum of Peru (Museo de Oro del Peru), Larco Museum, Amano Museum among others.

Other activities that we highly recommend are the tours to Callao, the main seaport of the country, where you can take a walk-through Monumental Callao, visit the Real Felipe military fortress or embark yourself on an amazing yacht trip to the palomino’s islands. This tour can’t be complete if you don’t take a look on our Sky Dinner, paragliding at Lima Bay, exquisite gastronomic tours, shopping tours and of course, nocturnal life. There is an amazing tour at night that we know you’ll enjoy, the “Water Magic Circuit” or “Circuito Magico del Agua” it’s a group of design water fountains that show an impressive lights and music performance.


A tour in Lima city is an experience you cannot let go, especially if you are planning to visit Cusco since this is the main starting point! so come and book a trip according to your specific needs and requirements. Contact our agents who will be ready to help you choose the best options for your vacation in Peru.