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Machu Picchu – Circular wall (Intiwatana, Sun temple)

Posted on : 23 August 2021

Machu Picchu - Circular wall

Machu Picchu has a lot of beautiful places among them we can see the circular wall, a place to enjoy the beauty of a complex architectural work build with pure stone without any mortar or gluing material just pure carved stones,  Cusco Peru has to offer you a diverse of places to enjoy the Inca architecture a very beautiful but also complex work made in stone, Peru Private Tours has to offer you a very personalized experience with the most incredible places.

IntiwatanaOn the way to the pyramid of Intiwatana there is a low facing circular wall that looks like a seat where an enigmatic circular wall can barely be seen. The unfulfilled construction of this magnificent half circular wall suggest that it was a tower for the setting sun, it has a magnificent watchtower from where you can see the whole San Miguel valley and whose position matches the Sun temple in Cusco Peru.

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Sun templeThe Inca architecture has numerous displays of beauty in Cusco Peru, one of them is in Machu Picchu and it’s the circular wall, from where you can see the beauty of nature in landscape and also the beauty of the Valley of San Miguel, the shape of this precinct is circular and resembles to a seat, matching the Sun temple towards Cusco Peru.

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