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Posted on : 04 February 2023

Humantay Lagoon, why is it so visited?

The Humantay lagoon tour is one of the best trekking experiences in Cusco. The Humantay lagoon is outstanding for its crystalline blue waters because it is located between the mountains of the Andes mountains and also because it is surrounded by an incredible landscape.

Humantay Lagoon

The Humantay lagoon, today is visited by hundreds of tourists. Among the adventurers who come to its crystalline waters are those travelers who prefer to escape the bustle of the city and routine and those others who, beyond breathing the 100% pure air of the Andes and observing nature in its wildest state, seek to live unique and unforgettable experiences in their natural environment.

Therefore, if you plan to visit the Humantay Lagoon on your trip to Cusco, it is important to take the following recommendations:

  1. Acclimatize

Upon arriving in the city of Cusco, tourists usually have the altitude sickness and for this, local people offer coca tea that allows them to recover their strength. Before making the trek to the Lagoon, acclimatize, spend a few days in Cusco, and visit places with lower altitudes, so you will be ready for this tour. Remember that the Humantay Lagoon is located at 4200 mals.

Humantay lagoon, 5 tips before your tour

  1. Rest well

One day before venturing on this trek you should rest, and sleep enough, remember that the tour starts early and you must be ready to enjoy the walk well and do it a pleasant experience. In any case, you can also rent horses for the uphill ride.

  1. Go at your own pace

It is important to walk at your own pace, if you travel in a group do not try to keep up with other people if you are not prepared, go slowly and keep calm, only in this way can you enjoy the beautiful landscapes around you, breathe the fresh air, feel the breeze on your face and connect with Andean nature.Humantay lagoon, 5 tips before your tour

  1. Comfortable and warm clothes

When it comes to trekking, it is essential to wear the correct clothing, in this case, warm clothes (you will be between -2° to 5° Celsius) and mountaineering shoes because some parts of the trail are rough and steep. Finally, do not forget to bring a hat for the sun, sunscreen, sunglasses and a raincoat.

  1. Hire a tour

It is recommended to do this trek with a hired tour that will take care of the car, breakfast, and lunch; most importantly, you will have a local guide who will provide permanent assistance during the tour in case you feel any aches. You will also be able to further enrich your visit to learn more about the place since the guide will provide you with all the information.

Humantay lagoon, 5 tips before your tour

You cannot stop visiting the Humantay Lagoon on your trip to Cusco! It will be an unreal experience.

You can contact the Peru Private Tours team; we are happy to help you plan a once in a lifetime experience during your journey in Cusco and you just have to enjoy it. Contact us to info@pptoursperu.com or to our WhatsApp number +51 915 105 124.