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How is the Weather in Cusco?

Posted on : 04 August 2021

How is the Weather in Cusco?

Weather is an essential matter in picking when to take a trip to a particular place. If you are planning a trip to Peru furthermore booking a tour in Cusco you must know a few things before visiting. Cusco City is located about 3200 meters above sea level and is completely surrounded by mountains, weather here is a bit tricky and the temperature ranges go from 2ºC to 22ºC, which relies heavily on the month or season you are visiting it.

How to be prepared for Cusco’s weather?

The best thing you can do is choose when would be the best time to travel to Machu Picchu. Tours in Cusco have different features, Cusco’s weather is marked by 2 seasons: rainy and dry. We will explain them in detail so you can compare the pros and cons and decide what would you like the most.

Weather in Cusco: RAINY SEASON – From November to March

Weather in Cusco city can be rainy during this time of the year, however, when you take the adventure on the Machu Picchu tour, you will discover there is more to offer. Currently is summer in Cusco, so you can enjoy the warm heat of the sun in the morning and expect some rain during the afternoon with precipitations that goes from 500mm to 1000mm per year.

As you enjoy the rainy-cold-sunny days at Cusco, it is important to always carry the proper outfit like waterproof clothes, trekking shoes, and perhaps an umbrella. But if by any chance you forget any of this, you won’t have to worry, Peru Private Tours have your back! We will always be there to provide you anything you need to have the best experience during your visit to Cusco.

Weather in Cusco: DRY SEASON – April to October

On the other hand, if you enjoy cold weather, this is definitely the best time to visit Cusco City. Take a trek in the traditional Inca Trail and enjoy all the Cusco’s traditional festivities as well on the 24th of June the amazing Inti Raymi or “Sun Festivities”.

Around this season you will have clearly sunny days with low temperatures at night with temperatures between 12o and 18oC, that it´s why it could be crowded of people that enjoy this kind of weather and wants to pass a good time with their friends. So, remember to book your tours in advance so you won’t be taken with your guard down and miss this opportunity!