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How To Get To Machu Picchu

how to get to machu picchu how to get to machu picchu how to get to machu picchu

How To Get To Machu Picchu

How To get to machu picchu.  You need to first arrive at Cusco which is the entrance gate to any journey going to this inca citadel. Here is an extensive different ways on How To Get To Machu Picchu, from hiking, by car, by train or biking.

So Where Is Machu Picchu Located?

Machu Picchu is located at 80 kms to the northwest of Cusco City in a stright line and 132 km through the train track. At 2450 masl, in the meadle of the Machu Picchu and Huaynapicchu Mountain. It is into a protected area called Historic Sactuary Of Machu Picchu which has more than 32 thousand hectars that has so many flora and fauna, including lots of archeological sites like the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

As a new world wonder receives so many visitors through different routes that we will explain on this post.

how to get to machu picchu

Getting From Lima to Cusco. 

As we said before, Cusco is the entrance gate to go to Machu Picchu so you need to know first How to Get From Lima To Cusco. There is no way to get from Lima To Machu Picchu without going through Cusco, so here we offer you some options that you may consider for your trip from Lima To Cusco.

OPTION 01) Flight From Lima To Cusco

The best way to get to Cusco is by air that takes 1 and a half hours and there are several airline options. LATAM tends to be the most expensive, but it has more flight options. But you also have PERUVIAN, AVIANCA or STAR PERU to choose according to your preference. Expect flight delays or cancellations, due to the high altitude of Cusco, tends to be difficult to land so that on rainy days they can paralyze air traffic.  You have other low cost companies like VIVA AIR and SKY AIRLINES, but make sure to read all their therms and conditions.

OPTION 02) Bus From Lima To Cusco.

Peruvian Buses are well maintained and safe, but if you are not used to travel by bus for long distances you might reconsider this option, stright bus from Lima to Cusco takes around 21 hours but there are two options to travel by bus from Lima to Cusco:

  1. Travel stoping in different places like, Paracas, Wacachina, Nazca, Arequipa and Puno. This option is good if you are and adventurer person and don’ t mind sleeping on the bus during your trip. There is one especific company that does this kind of trips called PERU HOP.
  2. Travel stright From Lima to Cusco; Theere are good compannies doing this kind of trip and usually are cheap, but tha ones that are better are; CRUZ DEL SUR  and OLTURSA

How To Get To Machu Picchu; From Cusco

Once you are in Cusco there are so many ways of  how to get to machu picchu, from hiking, by car, by train or biking. All these options are subject to how long you have in Cusco, If you are  just for few days, Machu Picchu Full Day could be a good option, but if you have like a week, you might consider fo doing some treks to machu picchu like Salkantay Trek, Inca Trail, Lares Trek or Inca Jungle (Biking+Hiking).

train to machu pichu

How to Get to Machu Picchu By Train

There are only 2 train companies to go from Cusco To Machu Picchu, these are Inca Rail and Peru Rail.  Both of them have different schadules, prices and types  of train. Actually ther departure place are different, some trains are leaving from Cusco, some of the from Poroy which is 25 minutes aout of Cusco and some from Ollantaytambo that is located in Sacred Valley, 02 hours away from Cusco.

From Cusco

INCA RAIL has different trains leaving Cusco in the next schadules:

  • FIRST CLASS TRAIN that leaves cusco at 08:40 am,
  • THE 360° TRAIN that leaves Cusco at 04:50 am and 10:16 am.
  • THE VOYAGER that leaves cusco at 04:10 am, 09:10 am and 16:15 pm.

From Poroy

PERU RAIL has different trains leaving Poroy in the next schadules: Poroy estation is located 25 minutes out of cusco so to go there, you must get a taxi.

  • HIRAM BINGHAM that leaves Poroy at 09:05 am
  • VISTADOME that leaves Poroy at 07:35 am and 08:25 am
  • EXPEDITION that leaves Poroy at 06:40 am

From Ollantaytambo

INCA RAIL has different trains leaving Ollantaytambo in the next schadules: Ollantaytambo estation is located 2 hours away from cusco so to go there, you must get a taxi.

THE 360° TRAIN that leaves Ollantaytambo at 07:22 am and 12:36 pm.

THE VOYAGER that leaves Ollantaytambo at 06:40 am, 11:15 am, 11:30 an, 16:37 pm and 19:27 pm.

PERU RAIL has different trains leaving Ollantaytambo in the next schadules: Ollantaytambo estation is located 2 hours away from cusco so to go there, you must get a taxi.

Peru Rail is the bigest train company so it has lots of schadules starting the first one at 05:05 am until the last one at 21:00 pm.


aventura en la selva

How to Get to Machu Picch: Hiking

hiking to machu picchu it is probabily one of the most wonderful ways to get there, the Inca trail is the most demanded one, then you have other options like Salkantay trek or Lares trek that are really popular hikes to machu picchu. On this part we will give you some advises of How to Get To Machu Picchu Hiking.

Inca Trail To Machu Picchu

This is probabily the most demanded hike to machu picchu, if you want to hike the inca trail make sure you book your trip at least one year in advance, there are only 500 tickets for sale and this is includind al the porters, guides and cooks so basically there are like 150 tourist doing this hike a day. There are different Inca train options; classic 4 days inca trail is the most popular, the 5 days inca trail is more for famylies that want to do it easy enjoying everything and the 2 days inca trail is for those who do not have  enough time to do the longer ones.

Salkantay Trek

This is probabily the second most demanded hike to Machu Picchu, this route is more scenic, but it actually combines history and culture, this hike can be done in 4 or 5 days. Actually this route can be done by your selve but in that case you will need to bring all your trekking staff or just book it with us and enjoy the route, Therefore, this is the only hike where you can camp in front of Machu Picchu and we are the only company camping there.

Lares Trek

This hike is more focused on knowing the local culture, sharing with local people from the villages that this route goes through, it is 3 days hiking and visiting Machu Picchu the 4th day, It is actually very demanded for those who wants a real expereince with local culture.

Inca Jungle Adventure

Inca Jungle Adventure is an excellent alternative to all adventure hikes, recommended for young people with a strong desire to live a unique adventure in life, it is the only one that combines hiking, biking, rafting and Zipline.