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Enjoy the Palcoyo Mountain

Posted on : 22 February 2021

There are three colorful mountains just 20 kilometers of Rainbow Mountain . Which are known as the Palcoyo mountain and the red valley. The mountains show ocher and red colors, with green, blue and white stripes. This beautiful mountain is not crowed, because it is not a famous place like Vinincunca mountain (rainbow mountain).

Palcoyo Mountain

The way to Palcoyo mountain only requires a great hike of 1 hour (approx), which makes this mountain a tourist attraction with easy access and It can be visited by everybody who want to see the beautiful natural landscape.

The trip to the Palcoyo mountain begin in Cusco city.  Just 3-hours trip heading Southeast to Combapata (by Car). We will not get to the town of Combapata but we will pass near the Checacupe bridge (Inca bridge). Then we will continue by a dirt road (1hour approx).

From the moment you get off the car You will see the mountains of colors, but we must walk along the path (45min approx) for a better view.

Palcoyo Mountain CuscoHow was the Palcoyo Mountain formed? The colors of the Palcoyo mountain are due to a geological process that aligned the different strata of the earth in different layers of colors. In the same place there is a group of rocks which is known as stone forest, which is rock peaks equal in size to trees that look like a true geological labyrinth. We will walk in the stone forest.

In “Peru Private Tours” we have the tour to Palcoyo Mountain that includes transportation (car) from your hotel in Cusco – Palcoyo Mountain – Cusco City Center, professional tour guide (who speak a perfect English), lunch, entrance ticket.

NOTICE: This tour is available from April to November, because the rest of the year it rains and snow falls on the Palcoyo mountain, so you will not be able to see the beautiful colors and the road will be difficult to walk.


The Palcoyo mountain is located at 4,900 meters above sea level, so it is important that you take precautions to take care of your health. The best recommendation is: Spending at least two days of rest in Cusco before going to Palcoyo Mountain (so you can avoid altitude sickness).

Due to its location, the cold in the mountains is icy, so it is important that you have warm clothes and shoes to do the trekking.