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Enjoy the Cusco City Tour

Posted on : 16 February 2021

Cusco is one of the places that you must visit at least once in your life. Not only for being a cosmopolitan city and having one of the cleanest breathable air in the world, also for having many archaeological sites from the Inca culture.

Enjoy the Cusco city tour

Very close to the city of Cusco, just a couple of minutes away, there are the famous places of Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, and Tambomachay, which are frequently visited by tourists from all the world. The fame of these 4 ruinas Cusco and their closeness to each other has made them an essential stop, giving it the famous name of the 4 ruinas Cusco. But let’s take a closer look them.

4 ruinas Cusco is SaqsayhuamanThe first of the 4 ruinas Cusco is Saqsayhuaman. It is the closest archaeological place to the  Cusco city. Its name comes from two Quechua nomenclatures: saqsay which means satisfied or overflowing and huaman which means hawk, together they make up an interesting meaning that lets us know that this was the place where knowledge/wisdom was found since the hawk was a bird full of wisdom and flying through the skies knowing places and situations that normally a human being could not know. It is believed that this Inca ruin was built by the Inca Pachacútec during the 15th century and that it was Wayna Cápac who brought it to completion in the 16th century. During the Spanish invasion of Cusco, it is said that the splendor of Saqsayhuaman surprised Francisco Pizarro and his team (according to the writings of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega).

Currently, upon arrival at this fortress, you will see the stone walls of which You will notice the immense stones that make it up, its construction method being an enigma for current engineering.

4 ruinas Cusco is QenqoThe second of the 4 ruinas Cusco is Qenqo,  this is the enigmatic place that connected living beings with the world under the earth and for astronomical studies.  Qenqo is a sample that affirms that the Incas carried out mortuary ceremonies in the mortuary chamber where it is believed that the dead were embalmed and ceremonies were carried out in which the deceased was directed to the beyond. Besides that probably some sacrifices have been made in honor of the deceased. The most remarkable thing about this Inca ruin is that the Incas adapted to this rocky place, making it a kind of cave chamber and not taking away the natural form it already had.

4 ruinas Cusco is Puca PucaraThe third of the 4 ruinas Cusco is Puca Pucara, which was an Inca military fortress, since its strategic position that warns a great panoramic view of the place and the towers that are there, make you believe that its construction was for military purposes. Its Quechua name means red fortress because PUCA means red. This fortress is made up of great walls, platforms, passages, and stairways.

4 ruinas Cusco is TambomachayThe fourth and last of the 4 ruinas Cusco is Tambomachay. Many archaeologists and historians consider Tambomachay as a temple or place of worship to water, in addition to the fact that it is believed that this was where the Incas came to bathe. The ruins that are now seen form 3 levels of platforms where water circulates sophisticatedly through fountains and water channels. The origin of this water is unknown.

As You will notice there are many mysteries that current science has not discovered regarding the construction and origin of these 4 ruinas Cusco.

You can visit these sites every day of the year by taking the tour on your own or in an already organized tour known as Cusco city tour, in which you will visit these 4 ruinas Cusco and You will also have the company of a professional tour guide, who will facilitate your visit and the clarification of your doubts.