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Discovering the sacred valley of the Incas: Pisaq

Posted on : 09 April 2021

Discovering Pisaq

Pisaq is a set of enclosures, squares, fountains, water channels, and hundreds of Inca platforms (andenes) located 30 kilometers from the city of Cusco. It is one of the most visited archaeological complexes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Pisaq is divided into two areas: The Inca archaeological zone and the current town of Pisaq (in the town is the Pisaq’s square and the artisan market) The Pisaq’s square was built in the colonial era of Cusco (by the Spanish conquerors) on the remains of Inca house. Here is the church where it is possible to hear the mass in the Quechua language.

From the square, you can have a beautiful view of this marvelous town. The Pisaq artisan market has been recently built (2020-2021). The Inca tradition of exchanging things like food, animals and objects, is still carried out every Sunday in the Pisaq’s square. In front of Pisaq you can see the Ñustayoc mountain, the Inca legend says:

The chief Huayllapuma had a daughter, called Inquill, whom she had to marry to a man who demonstrated great value, therefore the chief Huayllapuma decided to set the challenge and give his daughter’s hand in marriage to that man who could build in just one night the bridge over the Willcamayu River, the current Urubamba River.

The Prince Asto Rímac decided to accept the challenge and ask for the princess’s hand. Asto Rimac only asked if the princess could accompany him, without looking at the construction of the bridge or looking at the prince. At night, while the prince was building the bridge, the princess remained seated looking at the horizon towards Cusco, and almost at dawn, the Princess Inquill could not contain her curiosity and turned to see the Prince Asto Rimac and was turned to stone. Currently, we can see the statue of the princess (ñusta) on the Ñustayoc mountain. Book the tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and get to know Pisaq with Peru Private Tour.