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City Tour Cusco + 4 Nearby Inca Ruins

Half Day

  • sacred valley tour with machu picchu
  • sacred valley tour with machu picchu
  • cusco tour
  • sacred valley tour with machu picchu
  • sacred valley tour with machu picchu
  • cusco tour

Cusco is the center of the Inca history and the oldest inhabited city in South America, South America’s archeological capital   and the most cosmopolitan city in Peru. Exploring it with a member of the Peru Private Tours (PPT) team will help bring this period of history to life. Visit the beautiful Cathedral in the Main Square, the Temple of the Sun and then drive to the city limits to visit the 4 main Inca ruins, including Sacsayhuaman. A City Tour in Cusco, it is perfect start to your visit to Machu Picchu and your experience with the Andean culture.


Price: USD 19.90 Per Person



    by booking this tour your are planting 1 tree at an indiginous community of Cusco


    Our cusco tour itinerary

    At 1:00 p.m., it is the pick up to start your first cusco tour at this wonderful capital city of the Inca Empire, if you arrived early in the morning we recommend you take your time, explore the cusco city a little bit, but don’t do too much physical efforts. The altitude can affect you, we recommend drinking enough liquid to avoid dehydration, drink Muña or Coca tea that will help you with the altitude. Check out altitude sickness blog HERE

    In Cusco City

    our first place to visit will be the Temple of the Sun; Coricancha , considered one of the most sacred places in the entire empire of the Incas , where you can appreciate temples of an impressive architecture of stone by stone structure perfectly fitted without using mortar or mud, after visiting this place we will go to the impressive Cathedral of Cusco , where you can appreciate the symbiosis of religions; Andean and Catholic , the wealth that this cathedral possesses is impressive, considered one of the richest in South America.

    Out on Cusco

    After this place, we will continue our cusco trip and go for 10 minutes outside the city to visit the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, where we will visit constructions with stones up to 120 tons that were moved by the ancient Andeans to build this place that according to historians would have been a Temple dedicated to the lightning.

    Your guide will give you time to explore this place and take pictures, then we will go to Qenqo, where we will appreciate a ceremonial table that was used for the sovereign Inca mummification process, we will lose ourselves in the labyrinths of this beautiful place. 10 minutes away from this place is the fortress of Puca Pucara where we will appreciate Amazing structures, then we will go to visit the Inca Baths of Tambomachay and here we reach 3800 masl, this will be the highest point of our cusco outing.

    cusco tour cusco city tour


    What our Cusco tour Includes

    •  Professional Guide – We have the best selection of guides, all graduated from the national university of Cusco and grown up in this region with a deep love and passion for teaching their culture. They are fun but professional and will make sure you are safe and happy on our cusco tour.


    • Tourist transport. – We use clean and new vehicles for all our services and our cusco excursion is not the exception, with professional drivers that guarantee you a safe trip. Our drivers are constantly trained in prudent driving and customer service.


    • Pick up from the hotel. – Our cusco jount service includes pick up from your hotel to start the tour, pick up time will be confirmed according to the location of your hotel, at the end of the tour we will also leave you back at your hotel. (Our service does not include AIRBNB house pickups because many of them do not have a clear name or address, we will coordinate pick up plce and time).


    • Permanent Assistance. – We want you doing all the activities at our destination to be unique, unforgettable and safe, so you will always have an assigned personal assistant who will be in constant communication with you and will be there at the beginning and end of every tour.

    Not included

    • Entrance tickets. – Many of the archaeological sites of Cusco and Sacred Valley accept the Tourist Ticket of Cusco (BTC) that can be acquired in the first place of visit and we will help you in the purchase, just be sure to take money in cash and in soles.

    There are 2 types of tickets: The partial BTC that gives access only to the places visited on this tour and has a cost of S /. 70 soles per person and it lasts for only 1 day. The general BTC that gives access to 16 attractions in Cusco including those we visit in this tour, has a cost of S /. 130 soles per person and it lasts 10 days, if you also have a tour to the Sacred Valley the second option is better. However, the entrances to the Cathedral of Cusco and Coricancha (the temple of the sun) have a separate cost of 25 and 15 soles respectively.

    Tickets you must buy.

    Tickets Chibldren up to 09 years and 11 months Adults
    Cathedral 12.50 soles 25 soles
    Qoricancha 10 soles 15 soles
    BTC For 4 ruins They do not pay 70 soles valid for this tour.
    • Meals.  Our cusco tour does not have food included so you must eat before starting the tour or at the end of it, depending on the start time of the tour.


    We are known for providing private services in all our excursions, however, for those people who want to make a shared or group tour we also have a suitable options and price.

    Private Tour

    2 – 4 People $. 150 total per group
    5 – 10 people $. 230 total per group
    11 more. Your PPT representative will book and coordinate the final price.

    Shared or Group Tour.

    1 – 11 people  $. 19 per person
    11 more. Your PPT representative will reserve and coordinate the final price.


    Useful information

    Altitude sickness

    As soon as the people reserve the trip to Peru, specifically to Cusco, they begin to wonder about altitude sickness. High altitudes contains less oxygen than at sea level and forces your body to work harder to get the oxygen it needs. For few days at high altitude your body adjusts to the least amount of oxygen in the air.

    The first symptoms of altitude sickness may be; headache, fatigue, followed by loss of appetite, nausea or vomit, dizziness, trouble sleeping, difficulty breathing during exercise. If any of these effects worsen, contact our office and we will help you get to a doctor.

    for farther information about altitude sickness real our blog HERE


    The weather in Cusco it’s unpredictable. In general, the dry season in Cusco is from April through October, but this does not prevent the rain from falling in June or the sun coming out in December, just be prepared for any weather. No matter which month you take the hike or excursion, or which tour you are on, make sure you have adequate clothing that includes a waterproof jacket, pants, poncho and waterproof gloves.

    Also prepare for four seasons in a day. Many of the excursions through the Andes involve many microclimates and you will have to be prepared for all seasons. The layers are always key because they are easy to adjust to different temperatures. And the nights will always be cold, so get ready with a warm jacket.

    Arrive in Cusco

    The airport in Cusco is currently quite small and only for domestic flights, so all international travelers by plane must disembark in Lima and go through Customs. Even if your flight to Cusco is the same day by the same airline, you must pick up your bags in Lima and then register them again.

    The best way to get to Cusco is by air and there are several airline options. LATAM tends to be the most expensive, but it has more flight options. But you also have PERUVIAN, AVIANCA, STAR PERU,to choose according to your preference. Expect flight delays or cancellations, due to the high altitude of Cusco, tends to be difficult to land so that on rainy days they can paralyze air traffic. Bus tours are always available and although the journey may be long, especially from Lima, Peru buses are well maintained and are comfortable. This option is recommended if you come from a city closer to Cusco like Puno or Arequipa. Buses from Lima will take around 20 hours to arrive to Cusco.

    Exchange rate

    If you come to visit Peru, try to exchange your local currency to dollars. If you arrive at the Jorge Chávez airport in Lima without dollars, there is a foreign currency exchange office inside the Lima Airport Partners, there you can change: (US dollars, CAD dollars, euros, yen, pounds sterling, pesos from almost all countries in Latin America), change the necessary amount of dollars that allows you to have enough soles to settle, then try to change more dollars per soles in physical exchange houses that are safer and offer you a better exchange rate. However, if you are coming directly to Cusco, there are many money exchange houses at Sol. Avenue where you can buy the local currency more safely.

    for farther info about money exchange check our blog HERE

    Travel insurance

    To protect your travel investment, we recommend buying travel insurance. Getting travel insurance before leaving home is highly recommended and very easy. There are many insurance companies depending on your country of origin and at different prices according to your time of stay, take some time to review them and hire the one that best suits you. This is an excellent way to protect yourself while visiting Peru.


    At Peru Private Tours (PPT) we are proud of the work we do for our community. This is the main objective for our company. We are working directly with the villages to help them meet the needs of their families. We support the children of the villages by giving them school supplies, books and clothes.

    Read how we give back HERE

    Cusco Tour + 4 Inca Ruins Half Day
    • Type of Tour:                                 Cultural
    • Duration:                                        05 Hours
    • Start time:                                      13: 00 p.m.
    • End time:                                        18:30 pm
    • Maximum elevation point:     3800 masl (Tambomachay)
    • Difficulty:                                       Easy
    • Highlights: Cathedral of Cusco, Coricancha, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.
    Cusco Tour + 4 Inca Ruins Half Day

    We recive bookings for this tour until 2 hours before the start time of the tour whenever it is a group tour, for a private tour you must do your booking at least 4 hours in advance, before paying the tour please make sure to contact our office staff on WhatsApp +51 958292929

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