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Curious facts about Machu Picchu

Posted on : 10 May 2021

Curious facts about Machu Picchu

One of the best thing about Machu Picchu is that is the most famous Inca city in the world, not only its architectural beauty but its surroundings have made it the most wonderful Inca city. However, there are still many mysteries to be solved.

Probabily this will sound wear about Machu Pichu, but there was a family that claimes to be the owners of Machu picchu. The Zavaleta family also demanded compensation of 150 million soles (about USD 45 million) from the Peruvian state. However, in April 2019, Peru won the trial of this family and Peru is in charge of Machupicchu.

The Inca city of Machu Picchu was built with the ashlar technique.

The constructions of Machupicchu are anti-seismic, therefore it has a slight inclination that has been able to resist tremors and earthquakes over the years.

Unesco is the entity in charge of ensuring the conservation of Machupicchu and has established a certain number of visitors per day.

Curious facts about Machu PicchuThere is an investigation that was carried out in which the tomb of Pachaquteq was found, although the remains are below the ground so excavations would have to be made. Due to the conservation of Machupicchu, no excavation could be done.

The Machupicchu Mountain is shaped like an Inca face (profile) if you look at it from above.

The two mortars cause admiration and many doubts, some people believe that these were doors to other astral dimensions.

The first time you visit Machupicchu you can feel the energy of all the Inca stones, especially in the area of ​​the Sacred Plaza and the Intihuatana.

Machupicchu still stands and will continue standing due to the quality of the Inca engineering.

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The traditional tour of Machupicchu offers you 3 hours of permanence in the Inca city of Machupicchu, but if you want to stay longer contact us and we will organize Machu Picchu private tour for you.