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Backpacking in Cusco Peru

Posted on : 10 August 2021

Backpacking in Cusco

Backpacking in Cusco is not new although a very popular travel style among young adults. Sometimes this way of traveling is assumed as slightly uncomfortable and challenging since usually, it does not use travel agencies for the journey. Well, now we give you some tips that can help you not only save money but also time, which will allow you to know all the wonders that Peru has to offer whatever your traveling style is.

To begin, it is good that you are clear about what you enjoy the most on a voyage since a trip to Peru can be very different for each traveler.

Backpacking in Cusco

Bring only what is necessary

Whether you plan to sleep in hotels or camp for several days on the multiple treks to Machu Picchu and other archaeological or natural destinations, traveling light is always the most effective way to save on flights, even more, if you are planning an extended trip to Peru, this way you can give yourself the pleasure of paying a little more for tailor-made services that will make your experience unforgettable. Remember that all the equipment you are going to need can be rented in the different destinations in Peru, so we recommend that you travel only with what you can carry. Also do not forget that the Peruvian handicrafts will leave you fascinated and you will want to take more than one with you back.

Choose your destinations and excursions in advance

If your travel idea is to rest in good hotels and exclusive excursions such as the Skylogde Adventure or the Traditional Inca Trail, you must book your services earlier, since these tend to run out. Even if you are a backpacker, there are luxury services that we recommend you not to miss in Peru and especially in Cusco. Glamping under the stars in geodesic domes on the Salkantay trek or the sumptuous rooms of Belmond Hotel Monasterio.

Optimize your times and itineraries with scheduled trips

Do not confuse being a backpacker with being disorganized, many times being clear about the time you will spend in a destination can save you a lot of money. Although it is not usual to hire travel agencies, prepared tours in Peru can save you a lot of time in some places, since they include mobility, meals, and guides. So first compare public services in Peru as well as how long it will take you to do it without an agency.

Make friends with the locals

Knowing people will always help you find the best services, especially restaurants. In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, there are many small towns and only the people who live there can recommend the best places to visit, eat or stay. You can also always ask the guides who accompanied you on an excursion since they know the whole city and its surroundings.