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7 Curious Streets in Cusco that you Will Find

Posted on : 11 August 2021

Streets in Cusco

Cusco is one of the most incredible cities of South America and is filled with curiosities, not only for its great cultural past; rather, the people who know Cusco literally end up in love with the city, for its mysteries, its customs, and its details. In the Historical Center, you can find 7 streets whose names will make your imagination fly; some keep secrets, others were called for their use at a certain point in their history.

Streets in Cusco


It is a silent alley between Almudena and the parish of Santiago, its story tells that there lived Don Mascareñas, a Spaniard, who along with his 6 children melted bronze pieces to decorate doors, churches, bells, and other ornaments. While the street is not very busy, the story still lingers.


Its name comes from old times when there was the temple of St. Augustine, that had on its back 4 large windows and 3 small ones, giving shape to its name. Currently, the number of windows does not match the name, but by custom, it is still called the same way.


Its name is due to 7 stone stringers in the form of quarters aligned from stretch to stretch on the River Saphy that was next to the bridge of lime and stone that commanded to be built by Don Diego de Vargas y Carbajal. At present of the 7 stringers that existed in this place, you can only see the one that remains on Saphy Street; the others were lost with the advance of the new city.


It is said that this was the street preferred by the lovers of yesteryear, here they were tempted by the devil since many girls came out pregnant or as it is known in popularly in Peru as “Sunday 7” or Bun in the Oven. Now it’s a bit more crowded so don’t try to get naughty there.


On the other hand, there is the other street where you can see, in the clearing of the roof of one of the houses of the street there are 7 figures of angels, which were painted there by order of Blas de Bobadilla, in addition to the 7 figurines mentioned others are appreciated that are worthy of being contemplated raising the head which usually goes unnoticed.


It is one of the most beautiful streets of Cusco and its name, since the time of the Incas, refers to these small animals and is located in Nazarene Square. The Inca’s stone walls carry 7 pairs of snakes carved in high relief. Nowadays you can find snakes, which will cause you to look at them carefully and with a lot of patience.


It was called that in the past because the person passed with his cattle through this steep street, nowadays it is called Calle Palacios since it was remodeled for its best traffic, however, you can find many people with typical costumes and sheep with which you can take a photo.