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4 Ruinas Cusco Tour

Posted on : 02 March 2021

It is known like this, the four Inca buildings that are closest to the Cusco city (just a couple of minutes from the city of Cusco).

What is the tour of 4 ruinas Cusco about?

This tour is designed for travelers who like to visit archaeological sites.

SacsayhuamánOur Peru private Tours agency will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco, to start the excursion of the City Tour – 4 ruinas Cusco. We will travel by tourist bus, with a professional tour guide. First, we will know the Archaeological complex of “Sacsayhuamán”. This place was considered an Inca fortress, its architecture is magnificent and it is located north of the city of Cusco. Saqsayhuaman is famous for having large blocks of stone (probably the largest weighing more than 100 tons) and joined with a precision that only great engineering could achieve.

The entire complex comprises three large zigzag-shaped terraces, for the Incas the serpent had a zigzag shape and symbolized not only wisdom but also productivity. In this enclosure We will have an explanation of our tour guide, you can ask what you want. Then we will go to the viewpoint of Cristo Blanco, this is a strategic point to have a broader view of the city of Cusco and Saqsayhuaman.

QenqoThe second stop of the City Tour is Qenqo, this place was a ceremonial center carved in the natural rock of the earth. Here you will be able to appreciate how the Incas saw life and death.

Here are niches and sculpted stone where offerings were placed for the dead or probably for religious ceremonies

Puca PucaraThen we will visit Puca Pucara is the Inca fortress of a reddish color, its name refers to the color of the stones at sunset (reddish).

This archaeological complex is composed of a small square where rooms, terraces (platforms), and water channels can be observed.

TambomachayFinally, the last stop on our tour is Tambomachay, its name derives from two Quechua words Tambo that means resting place, and machay that means underground cavity. The Inca and the Inca nobility came to Tambomachay to rest and relax, in addition to bathing in the waters. So you can appreciate terraces, water sources, and canals. Until now it is not known what is the origin of the water that circulates through Tambomachay.

We will finish the tour of 4 ruinas Cusco in the center of the city, where our tour guide will say goodbye to us, but not without first giving you the best indications of restaurants, shops, handy crafts in the city center.