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4 places you can visit in Cusco

Posted on : 10 March 2021

On the way to Machupicchu, you must make a stop in Cusco and enjoy the places that are in fashion for travelers from all over the world.

Vinicunca (rainbow mountain)


The rainbow mountain is located 100 kilometers from the city of Cusco in the district of Pitumarca (5200 meters above sea level), the beauty of this mountain consists of its colors Lavender, fuchsia, red, green, purple, white, and turquoise. Taking a photo with this place has become a trending topic on the social networks of world travelers. The geological formation: Due to erosion and humidity, the minerals that line the mountain were oxidizing and thus managed to have the colors that are appreciated today.



Moray has located 38km from the city of Cusco. The circular platforms of Moray have a depth of 45 meters. Several theories of archaeologists and rumors of ancient settlers suggest that Moray was the agricultural laboratory of the Incas since its concentric circles are characterized by creating microclimates (differences in temperatures).

These temperature differences allow this platform system to have at least 20 different microclimates that existed in the Inca empire.

Temple of the Sun or Koricancha


The Temple of the Sun or koricancha is one of the most important places of worship of the Inca Empire and was built as a place of worship to the main god of the Incas, the Sun God.

The construction of the koricancha was ordered by the Inca Pachacútec. With the arrival of the Spanish, they ordered the construction of a Catholic temple on the koricancha that would be under the command of the Dominican order, which is the church that can be seen. It is located just 2 blocks from the main square of Cusco.



Just 2 kilometers from the city of Cusco is the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuamán. Known as the last Inca fortress, since it would be here where the Inca MANCO INCA would resist the last battle against the Spanish invaders.

Currently, the Inty Raymi is celebrated here every June 24. The form of the Inca fortress is Zigzag that resembles the serpent and the lightning bolt.