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We guarantee you a unique experience

Peru Private Tours guarantees your satisfaction, by booking with us, you will enjoy your trip.

Peru Private Tours is certified as a travel operator in Cusco since 2015.

We will use everything what is in our hand to satisfy your requests

We are specialized on private tours, we are licensed as Inca Trail tour operator.

Our customers are our best support. Every review they leave us is the result of our hard work.



Machu Picchu Tours, We are the experts!

Machu Picchu Tours: We are the bests creating magnificent Machu Picchu Tours, tours to Rainbow Mountain Peru in the afternoon, being the only ones going there at this time that will guarantee you a complete satisfaction withouth crowds, and we can also help you purchasing your Machu Picchu tickets like the train, entrance and bus. To have farther information about Rainbow Mountain Peru visit our rainbow mountain website. Don´t miss our Machu Picchu Tours options too.



Let’s start planting a tree

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These projects were made thanks to your unconditional support

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About Peru Private Tours

We are specialized in the operation of private Machu Picchu Tours, to get machu picchu tickets and create unique experiences to rainbow mountain peru amond others. Specialized in non-conventional adventure tourism combined with cultural and natural history, we are a 100% local company with a strong social and environmental agenda working closely with our local communities committed to their socio-economic development.

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The Best Quality Of Service

Quality of service is what has characterized us throughout our career and what difference us from the rest, a personalized service makes the difference to create a unique experience in such an important journey in life as it is to reach the 7th wonder of the world. Get an amazing experience to rainbow mountain peru, enjoy our machu picchu tours. We can also help you with machu picchu tickets.

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The Best Professional Team

We have the best selection of professionals in each area of our company, people who are passionate about their job and fully identified with the principles and values of the company. Our experience in the travel field allows us to create magnificent expereinces to rainbow mountain peru, machu picchu tours and machu picchu tickets.

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Sustinible Tourism

Fom the 17 sustainable development goals adopted by the UN, we have made our objective the 15th “Earth Life Ecosystems”. We consider as important to take care of ecosystems as to know the whole world. Our project “book a Tour and Plant a Tree” greatly differentiates us from the rest of the companies and makes us pioneers with the implementation of this system.

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Personalized Journeys

We are the best at creating personalized tours to rainbow mountain peru, machu picchu tours even the Machu Picchu tickets and our best support is our satisfied customers, no matter if you have little time in our destination, our reservations team will prepare something perfect that suits your needs.

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